Corporate Coaching

Coaching in the corporate setting uses the synergy of the organization and its members to enable them to evolve their capacity for learning and renewal into achievement of breakthrough results. Corporate coaching is central to a cultural evolution process that shifts the landscape of the workplace from one where people receive direction from others to one where people commit to doing things they care passionately about. Everyone wins, and organizations achieve extraordinary results when organizational members' creativity and potential are realized.

Some of the indicators that an organization may be ready to become a coaching based organization include the need for:

  • A focus on being a customer-centric organization

  • Improved effectiveness of recruitment, development and retention of valuable organizational members

  • Better results from present continuous quality improvement programs

  • A more vital corporate culture

  • A performance management system that's applicable throughout the organization

  • Moving vision creation and decision making throughout the organization

  • Improved organizational communication and team effectiveness

  • Shared accountability for the success of the organization

Coaching complements and enhances other process improvement programs such as six sigma and re-engineering. It does so because other process improvement programs typically focus on tools, techniques and work processes, but rarely on interpersonal factors. Coaching puts people into the process improvement equation and can dramatically increase the likelihood of success of those programs. As a technology for performance improvement, coaching provides a structure for measurement of quantifiable results.


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