Entrepreneurial Coaching

Our entrepreneurial coaching approach combines elements of coaching and consulting in the disciplines of business strategy, marketing, finance, organizational development and information technology, as required.

As with most of our other clients, new entrepreneurial client relationships develop from referrals from existing clients, or in some cases from our strategic partners or alliances. An informal meeting generally follows these referrals we get to know each other and to determine if a more in-depth session is appropriate.

If both parties agree, the next step in the process is the Exploratory Interview. The purpose of this confidential, no cost, no obligation 1-2 hour interview is to determine if a client relationship is appropriate. During the interview, we will ask questions concerning the history of the business, how certain things are done now and where the owner(s) would like the business to be in the future. After listening to the prospect's responses to specific questions, we offer our insights into what some of the unarticulated issues facing the business might be as well as how the programs we offer might help the client deal with these issues. If we are on target, we are beginning to build credibility and trust. We do not charge a fee for this part of our process because we wish to reserve the right to decline a client relationship if we do not feel we can be of real service, or if we sense that the prospect is not willing to give the commitment necessary for success.

At the end of the Exploratory Interview, we come to an agreement as to whether we should go forward together or not. Regardless of what we mutually decide, it has always proven to be an extremely worthwhile experience for the prospective client.

Entrepreneurial clients we have coached have explored the following issues:

  • Relationship management with business partners and/or employees.

  • Business expansion to other countries.

  • Acquiring new businesses.

  • Starting up new ventures.

  • Dissolution of exciting business interests.

  • Motivation, enthusiasm versus fatigue or burn-out.

  • Stress Management.

  • Team Building.

  • Performance evaluations of employees

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