Executive Coaching

Research shows that coaching pays off for a variety of professionals, including executives. A study of 100 coached professionals found a 570% return on investment: Coaching improved productivity 53%, quality 48%, work relationships 77%, and overall job satisfaction increased 61%.

The key to successful executive coaching is increasing productivity, quality, work relationships and work satisfaction, by increasing people skills. Harvard University research shows that 85% of top performers' and managers' success is due to 20 people skills that can be learned and mastered.

Whether you're a CEO, President, VP, CFO, MD, CPA, Dep't Head, Director, Entrepreneur, Investment Advisor, Scientist, Engineer, Attorney, Business Owner, Manager or other professional –through coaching, you can become an even greater success.

One of the things that occur in synchronicity with your business breakthrough is a leadership breakthrough. This starts by asking, "Who do you need to be as a leader to reach your business breakthrough?" To bring clarity to the process, we provide executive level 360° feedback that leads to insights that become the basis of catalytic coaching conversations.

At all times, we act as thinking partners who offer you a powerful assist in coming up with new ideas, fresh approaches, and innovative solutions. We help you crack open your most pivotal business issues and dilemmas, which often starts with asking you to question what you take for granted. 


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